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The Young Canadian Simmental Association (YCSA) is the leading youth program in the Canadian cattle industry today. The program focuses on education, teamwork, and hands-on experience for young, future cattle people. Events are held throughout summer and fall in different areas across the country for youth to participate in. See our EVENTS page for a listing of the events in your area!

The YCSA events include many different activities to arm our youth with the tools they will require to become not only better cattlemen and cattlewomen, but better business people as well. Along with the traditional showing of cattle at YCSA Classic Events, competitors must also complete herdsman and sire summary quizzes, and compete in an animal judging competition. Additionally, several other competitions are also often held, such as graphic marketing, sales talk, public speaking, and team showing. It is a great environment for youth to learn to work together and learn from each other. The younger competitors have a chance to learn how to work more independently, and the older youth have the opportunity to fulfill leadership roles, that will be so fundamental in their future endeavours in life. Most importantly is the life-long friendships that arise out of this program.

Anyone can become a member of the YCSA - even if you do not have registered Simmental cattle! A YCSA Membership is a fee of $25.00 (plus applicable taxes). YCSA members must be 25 years of age or younger by January 1st. Sign up today and don’t miss out on all the FUN!

Yearly $10 activity fee after you have become a YCSA member

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